Sabtu, 12 November 2011

Business strategy of Oriflame

Oriflame’s strategic focus can be summarised in these seven key points:
  • Low entrance fee, credit offered and no stock required – easy to join and no risk.
  • Wide portfolio of Swedish, natural, innovative, high-quality beauty products at affordable prices.
  • Frequent, dynamic and attractive catalogues, with many new products that make selling easy.
  • Flexible and reliable ordering, delivery and payment system – easy to do business with.
  • Personal growth and development through Oriflame Academy and SARPIO (Sales and Recruitment Process in Oriflame) – at no cost.
  • Unlimited earning and career opportunity.
  • Enjoy a direct selling company with a human touch and a sense of belonging to a friendly, energetic and fun global community. By continuously improving on its seven key areas, Oriflame shall attract an increasing number of consultants. By consistently evaluating and prioritising, with the consultants in focus, management shall ensure that the allocation of resources is optimised.
Oriflame is more than an opportunity – it is the chance to have an experience of a lifetime!


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